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Overcoming the Great Challenges of Our Times

Escalating medical costs, long term care concerns, running out of money in retirement, sticker shock at the pharmacy, stock market crashes. Have we ever experienced this cascade of challenges in our lifetimes?

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Even though there are no paint by the numbers answers, there are solutions. With more than 38 years of experience under his belt Steve Hood has developed the know how, and the tools, to help his clients meet the challenges of our times.

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Health care expenses

Creative strategies to meet the cost of medical and long term care.

Lifetime Income Needs

Build a safe, guaranteed third and fourth ‘leg’ of retirement income.


Increasing Cost of Living

Protect Your Income with Prudent Inflation Hedge Strategies.


Protect your health, life savings, income needs.

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Beware, The Annuity Salesman Cometh

Beware, The Annuity Salesman Cometh

Be on guard, for the annuity salesman cometh, and he/she is poised to take advantage of you, your lack of knowledge, and yes, even your fears. This breed of salesperson is most often seen at luncheon and dinner seminars, which are marketed heavily to retirees, for...

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Widowed, Ripped Off, and Alone

Widowed, Ripped Off, and Alone

She’s an intelligent woman, seemingly well to do and living in a high rise condo in Florida. Retired, active lifestyle, involved in many activities with her friends, giving of herself to her community, church, and local charities. She did everything right, at least...

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Steve can help. He will take the time to get to know you, your concerns, your hopes, your dreams and yes, even your fears. Then, working with a team of specialists, Steve will craft a plan to help you overcome these great challenges.


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