Why I Do What I Do

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Women's Interests

People often ask me what I do and of course I explain. Another question, though rarely asked, is why I do what I do?

The answer to that question was driven home recently by a call I received from an elderly retiree. Her husband had died some years earlier, so in many ways she was on her own. Her knowledge of financial matters was limited and she had no relationships with anyone who could provide professional guidance. No one to turn to for answers to the many questions she had, or the many questions she did not know to ask.

Our conversation revolved around the financial dilemma she had been dealing with since her husband died. He had handled the money through the years so his death left not only a void in her heart, but also a lack of knowledge and skills in finance necessary to make her way through life.

The long and short of it was she had burned through their modest savings. In order to make ends meet she was using credit cards for the necessities of life. She was thousands of dollars in debt and just couldn’t cope with the constant stress and pressures of trying to meet her monthly obligations.

She asked me if she should consider bankruptcy as a way to free herself of this terrible weight. She said bankruptcy had previously been unthinkable, but there seemed to be no alternative.

She’s the reason I continue to provide my services to retirees. Over the years I’ve talked to many who lost 20%, 30% or more of their life savings in the stock market. Not once, but twice in the last twenty years alone!

So the bottom line is this. I ‘do what I do’ in order to help as many retirees as I can. My calling is to help them protect their lifetime income, their nest egg, and their ability to enjoy life. And to help them avoid, in the words of one of my clients, of ever becoming a ‘burden to their children’, or worse, becoming a ‘bag lady’.