I could talk about my many years of experience, past awards and accomplishments in this space. But I won’t. Let’s get right to the heart of the matter and describe how you may benefit from our services, beginning with cost.

My method of charging clients is likely an innovation in this industry as there is no one I’m aware of who charges the way I do. There are no minimum account size requirements, no ongoing asset management fees, no hoops to jump through. If you need guidance I have the experience and knowledge to provide it.

Below is an illustration of how my fees are applied, always with full transparency.

First Meeting: Free. Basically a get to know each other meeting and a discussion of your needs and objectives. The meeting may take place at your home, favorite coffee shop or other location of your choice. (I have no static office in order to keep overhead low). If preferred we may meet initially by phone, e.g. Skype or similar, in short, by any means you prefer.

Followup Meeting(s): I present a written set of recommendation/solutions specific to your needs and goals. The recommendations I present, if implemented by you, will likely result in significant savings, savings you may realize each year, over many years. The savings may include but are not limited to investment management fees, taxes, insurance expenses etc.

Pricing: My fee is 50% of the first year savings you realize. For example, if the plan presented results in savings to you of $2,400 in the ensuing 12 months, that would incur a one time planning fee of $1,200.

A secondary method of compensation to me may include commissions paid by any insurance products placed, e.g. life, health, annuity etc. This may or may not be part of the plan but if so you will be fully informed as to the amount of compensation paid to me by the insurance company(s). In no event will this form of compensation be borne by you, as it is paid from insurance company funds.

Disclaimer: Some products may have early surrender penalties, to be disclosed at time of presentation, and in the accompanying documents.                             

Most people today are paying too much for investment advice, insurance coverage, taxes, the list goes on. It is likely draining you of hard earned money that could be put to better use. Today quality investment management services and insurance protection have become low priced commodities. One only has to know where to find them.